Underground Mining


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September 27, 2013:
Underground mining has faced a lot of EPA and land use challenges, and many miners are being driven to civil engineering projects despite sky-high metals prices and use.


Underground Mining Projects:

The nature of the project dictates who and what equipment you use. Soft rock and hard rock miners are a different breed, but they are all pretty rude.

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Civil and mine construction, tunneling, and ground stabilization are only a few of the capabilities you would expect in an underground mining company. The ability to blast, apply shotcrete, install rock bolts, and manage complex mining operations makes it essential for you to get underground mining contractors who can handle big and small jobs with the right permits, licensing, and certification on specialized equipment. Many large underground mining jobs take years of preparation, but much of the initial testing and exploration work can be done fairly quickly in order to assay the profitability of an ore deposit, verify the stability of the rock formation, or determine the best approach for tunneling.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Make sure you get the right underground mining company when you ask for a quote. Hard rock mining is a very different animal than coal mining, and an expert underground miner in one field may not have the necessary skills for the other.